Home Buying Tips

Tips for Buying a Home

There is definitely a process to buying a new home and so many things to consider. Whether you are a first time homebuyer new to home buying or you’re an old pro and buying and selling homes, these five tips are pertinent to making the entire process smoother and more efficient every time.

  1. Get Pre-Approved Before Looking at Homes – Make sure a lender has thoroughly reviewed your financials, income statements, credit report and other necessary documents to ensure you are qualified and eligible to buy a home. Many lenders offer pre-qualification letters that in most cases don’t mean much other than your credit has been reviewed but you are NOT formally pre-approved.
  2. Use a Real Estate agent – You need professional representation on your side when making what is most likely the biggest purchase of your lifetime. A true real estate professional can help you avoid many costly mistakes and negotiate on your behalf while helping to manage the transaction. They are your ADVOCATE!
  3. Have Earnest Money available – Earnest money shows you are a serious and qualified borrower. This will help sellers and their agents become more comfortable with accepting your offer. There are protections in place to protect your earnest money should something come up.
  4. Be ready to Go – In today’s low inventory market you need to be physically, mentally and financially ready to go! Have your affairs in order and work with a team of trusted professionals to help ensure you will be in the best position to go!
  5. Maintain your financial status – Do not change anything in your financial status – jobs, banks, debts, credits. Changes to these items may impact your ability to qualify so maintaining your status will ensure you don’t have any unwanted surprises.

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