Home Selling Tips

Home Selling Tips – It’s Show Time

Many believe that selling a home is just a numbers game but many times, it is comparing apples to oranges and you want to make sure yours shines brightest. To really make your home stand out from the competition, follow these unique tips for a better buyer’s response.

    • Lights On! Good lighting is only second to location as the number one thing a buyer wants. Clean windows, open blinds, take down drapes for natural sunlight. Increase wattage to increase brightness as well.
    • Depersonalize – experts suggest putting away at least one-third of your personal belongings: pictures, memorabilia and keepsakes.
    • Declutter – especially your closets. It makes the feel bigger, more spacious.

Show time is all the time. Be ready at any time

  • Say no-no to pets – often times, furry friends are a turn off to buyers, so take with you during show times and don’t leave clues they live there (i.e. little boxes, dog bowls)
  • Upgrade where it counts – the kitchen is the number one room that sells houses and it’s a sure bet you will get your money back
  • Update where it counts – paint, door, cabinet, and sink hardware, tracks on doors. It’s the simple things that get noticed.

Remember, the first impression is the only impression you have, so make it count!