The Right Neighborhood

What Neighborhood is Right for Me?

There are many things home buyers need to consider when getting ready to purchase a new home – finances, relocating, amenities. But don’t forget to broaden your scope and take these things into consideration too.

  • Schools Buying in a neighborhood with good schools increases the value of your home, whether you have kids, plan to have kids or not. Considering the local school districts is important.
  • Crime Looking up the crime statistics in a neighborhood you are considering can allow peace of mind. Easiest way to do so is to call the local police department, which can help you hone in specific neighborhoods, prevention programs and community support.
  • Taxes Home buyers get caught up in interest rates and monthly mortgage rates. Don’t forget to check what the taxes are in a city or town you are considering. They can vary immensely. All assessed values of specific properties is public information and can be obtained by calling the local municipality.
  • Local Amenities Check out the local businesses and see what there is and what is thriving. Talk to the business owners and get their take on the neighborhood, their patrons and get a feeling whether there is good community support and local pride. Also check out local grocery and corner stores, or the proximity of a fitness center.
  • Transportation If one plans to use public transportation, it’s important to check out nearby public transit – train stations and bus stations. Also consider your proximity to major highways. Depending on the buyer, being close to major expressways may be a pro or a con.

Bottom Line: Talk to People

  • Talk to neighbors
  • Visit area at different times of the day to gage activity
  • Find out about future development plans that could impact neighborhood positively or negatively.

If you need more information about neighborhoods, reach out to me today.